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Inventory and Schedule of Condition

This is document drawn-up prior to the commencement of a tenancy. It details fixtures, fittings and any contents along with any noticeable defects, damage and wear. It also includes a large quantity of digital photographs, providing a full picture of the property.


This is a vital part of the inventory process. Toogood Inventories will meet with the tenant to explain the inventory report, make additions if and where necessary, highlight any maintenance issues and note general queries. The document is then signed electronically by the tenant and forward to the landlord/agent for their records.


Both the inventory and check-in reports are used to assess the condition of the property at the end of a tenancy. All variations from the inventory are recorded taking into consideration allowances for Fair Wear and Tear. A full detailed report including photographs will be produced.

Online Check-in Portal

In the absence of an accompanied check-in, our online check-in portal can be utilised. The tenant is emailed the report and given a fixed time period to read through, make additions and agree to its accuracy. Any additions made by the tenant are added to the report, as well as a record of the dates and times the report was emailed and any following reminders sent.

Mid-Term inspections

This is an inspection completed to evaluate the condition of a property during a tenancy. It provides a valuable insight into how a tenant is treating a property. It will also help to uncover any maintenance issues, damage, neglect, unauthorised smoking, pets or subletting.

Commercial Inventories

This is a detailed report of contents, fittings and fixtures within commercial premises being sold, let of renovated. This is most commonly used in connection with commercial leases where it is important to have all contents and any defects listed.

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