Toogood Inventories, Isle of Wight


Why you need an inventory

The importance of an inventory and schedule of condition

Since the introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme in 2007, many Landlords and Agents have failed to secure the outcome they seek from a deposit dispute, due to a lack of sufficient evidence - in the form of a detailed inventory and schedule of condition. If there is an insufficient, outdated or, even worse, lack of inventory then any claim against a tenants deposit will be compromised. A professionally drawn-up inventory will help protect Landlords from any unwarranted disputes by the tenant at the end of the tenancy.

Whilst there is no legal obligation for a landlord to protect their interest in their property with an inventory, we would always urge landlords to consider the likely losses incurred in the event of insufficient evidence compared to the relatively low cost of an inventory.

Why use an independent inventory provider?

The importance of using an independent inventory clerk should not be underestimated, where agents produce in-house reports, this can often lead to difficulty in negotiating a claim between Landlords and Tenants. This is because there is an automatic presumption that the agent is loyal or biased towards the Landlord. An independent service such as the one that Toogood Inventories provide removes any such accusation.

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